Your accommodation closer to the American Consulate

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Areamare B&B, il tuo alloggio più vicino al Consolato Americano - Areamare B&B, your accommodation closer to the American Consulate!

Your accommodation closer to the American Consulate

Your accommodation closer to the American Consulate

Areamare B&B it is the best choice, because it’s your accomodation closer to the American Consulate.

The strategic position of my B&B has allowed many to choose to be close to the American Consulate. For years it hosts travelers from around the world for the coveted Green Card that only the US Consulate General in Naples releases Italy.
Since October is open to the Visa Lottery.
What’s? Each year the “Diversity Immigrant Visa Program” makes available a limited number of free visas to immigrate permanently to the US people who have the required.
When? The period for registration began on October 1 and ends on November 3.
How does it work? Those who are required for the “Diversity Visa” are initially chosen through a random drawing generated by a computer.
All the details to participate in the DVLottery 2017 are on the site
I know the anxieties and hopes of the guests who place these days, generally it takes two days, the first dedicated to medical examinations that are performed at ‘Institute Varelli‘ and the second for the interview and issuance of a visa. I know the time and I always recommend going early because on a first come first ends!
Early in the morning there is breakfast, so on soon be able to leave the B & B and take a taxi, I’ve already booked in advance, in about 10 minutes will get you to the Institute Varelli. To return more often, if you’re alone or with your partner, you can take a taxi with other people and share the cost, around 11 already’re already back to the B & B (barring unforeseen circumstances).
The next day, the one dedicated to the interview, will be much easier for you, after breakfast, finding you already on the way of the consulate will just leave the B & B and reach in 5 minutes walk, the same rule applies Institute Varelli first come first ends!
These are the same timing at the end of which the consulate will send by courier the passport with the visa.

Now just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Naples and I will be glad they’re always displayed. Plus this is the only Bed and Breakfast Art in Naples, where I picked up in the rooms and in the structure of all the paintings and sculptures of my grandfather Raimondo Dura. I wanted to highlight this original production by the B & B a permanent exhibition space for its guests intrigued who demanded of executives.
During your stay with any questions or request I will be always at your disposal!

Areamare it’s your accommodation closer to the American Consulate!

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