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Ramon Dura

Ramon Dura


Though Ramon was born in South America, he grew up in Naples. Having spent his entire life here, he has absorbed its culture, customs and knows the city intimately. He has always been fascinated by the vast array of cultures to be encountered and this passion is evident in his extensive travels. His passion eventually became the focus of his academic work at university, graduating from International Political Sciences.
When his grandmother left behind the beautiful and spacious apartment which is now Areamare, Ramon was still completing his studies at university. He had not previously thought to start a B&B but was impressed by the potential of the apartment to provide an incredible base from which to explore his city. Little by little, he started hosting guests from around the world. What started off almost as a joke quickly evolved into a full time passion for Ramon.
His passion is to expose his city’s true wonders to his guests. He is a passionate advocate for the city and will go to any lengths to help his guests enjoy their visit. During your stay he will prove an invaluable source of tips about not only the practicalities of living your Napolitan life but will also send you on a journey of truly local gastronomic delight, cultural revelations and show you the experience of a lifetime. He will happily organize kayaking trips, walking tours of the Sorrento peninsula, tours of the underground wonders of Naples, trips to the nearby antique markets or even romantic dinners on a fishing boat.
Ramon can advise you in English, Spanish or Italian . If you need assistance organizing larger groups which may not fit into his intimate B&B he is happy to help your group find accommodation of similar quality in close proximity to Areamare.


Strange to say, but it all starts from the paintings on the walls. Many guests are intrigued that there are questions about it. The grandmother, who used to belong to the structure, had gathered in the room all the paintings and sculptures Grandfather Raimondo Dura, 1915-1986, known to many as a fine songwriter in language and dialect, worthy nephew Gaetano Dura one the first lithographers in Naples, famous illustrator of popular scenes, who lived between poetry and theater.
Grandfather Raimondo, driven by his example and by a great passion, he studied painting with Eugenio Viti and scenery with Arturo Spezzaferri. Artist was expert in the technique, know how to make a fascinating optical transformation of reality, encouraged by the safety of its means of expression, making choices appropriate and timely, drawing on a theme thoroughly modern, however congenial to his spirit and his talent, without any conversion obligation and without suffering the transience of fashion trends. He transformed the real insight into his work and created its own pictorial language that, in the likeness of poetic language, has made it eligible to receive the marks of fantasy.
My intention was to exploit this highly original production realizing a retrospective exhibition and doing the B & B a permanent exhibition space, a small museum sui generis upholding guests in a unique and original and that he should give, at the same time, a fitting backdrop to the work of my grandfather.
When you get near the front door, among the flowers displayed in abundance at the florist’s shop of building 30s, will welcome a commemorative plaque of EA Mario, aka John Gaeta Hermes, 1884-1961, Italian composer and lyricist, author of several highly successful songs, such as The Song of the Piave. Some songs were composed in Italian, others in Neapolitan language; of them, almost always, he wrote both texts and music.
Along with Salvatore Di Giacomo, Ernesto Murolo and Libero Bovio is surely one of the greatest exponents of the Neapolitan song in the first half of the twentieth century and one of the protagonists of Italian songs from the First World War to the fifties, and for the great production – due to its strategic and inexhaustible poetic vein – that the quality of his works.
The plaque of the famous Neapolitan poet leave thereafter up to the figures prismatic Raimondo Dura.
Then it’s up to me, Ramon, welcome you and guide you in this journey within a journey.

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By far the best B&B I've ever could found in Naples. Ramon truly understood my family needs and helped us to spend our time in this beautiful city at the best of our possibilities.
We'll come back here for sure!

William, NY

It was really fun getting to know Ramon during our trip. He was very helpful in answering my questions and made me feel at ease.

Jana, Germany

B&B posizionato benissimo, a pochi passi da un lungomare meraviglioso. Ramon ottimo padrone di casa, mi ha suggerito parecchie escursioni e visite guidate.

Marco, Alessandria